About My Running

Welcome! This page is dedicated to my running activities and goals. If you’d like to skip all that and go right to my running/cycling blog posts,  click here.

I started running a few years ago as a way to keep in shape and build some endurance. I didn’t particularly like it; the most I’d ever run was a mile or so a couple of times in college. For a while I stayed in shape by playing basketball and chasing my kids around. But as I entered my 40s I started getting flabby, and made up my mind not to have that continue. I started biking rather than driving on short errands, and began Aikido training. Then when my daughter Rachel took a running class for high school, I decided to try out running, too.

Yes, I run in the rain…

My first serious run was about 2.5 miles, and I had to stop five times to catch my breath. But the next time I ran that route, I stopped just once. Soon I was running two miles nonstop. Then three. I started logging my miles in 2008; I ran about 125 miles total that year, and did about the same in 2009.

And in the snow…

2010 was when my running really took off. I got a copy of Born to Run, and began using the midfoot strike, which greatly increased my endurance. Then I joined a Running 101 class at Running Fit and learned the benefits of running in a group. I’ve run year round ever since. I set two goals in the class; run 10 miles without stopping, and complete a half marathon (13.1 miles). I achieved both when I ran Dexter-Ann Arbor that June.

With a half marathon in the bag, a full marathon went from unimaginable to at least possible, and in 2011 I decided to go for it. I hired a coach, who set up a training schedule and helped me increase my stamina and distance. In October I completed the Chicago Marathon! You can see my story in blog posts and photos by clicking here.

The payoff: Me (green shirt, blue race bib) at the finish line, 2011 Chicago Marathon.

So what’s up for 2012? More distance, and more speed. I’ve signed up for the first-ever Ann Arbor Marathon in June, and I’m planning a 50K ultramarathon for the fall. On the speed side, I still have the goal of running a 5K under 20 minutes, as well as at least one 6-minute mile.

I train with PR Fitness in Ann Arbor.  They are the main reason I drag myself out of bed at 7:00 a.m. every Saturday morning and head downtown to run. That, along with my unexpected transformation into someone who enjoys running. (I’m still not quite believing it.) Here are some photos of this great group of people in action.

Please click here to view my collected blog posts on running (which also includes my cycling posts).

2012 Speed Goals:

1. 6:00 mile

2. 5K in under 20:00

2012 Scheduled Races

Sun. February 5 Super Bowl 5K 20:57 (6:45 pace)
Wed. February 29 Leap Day 4 Mile 27:04 (6:46 pace) *1st in age group*
Sun. March 11 Shamrocks & Shenanigans 5K 21:00 (6:46 pace)
Sat. March 24 No Frills All Thrills 5 Mile Trail Run 36:07 (7:13 pace) *2nd in age group*
Sat. April 14 Martian Invasion
of Races

(half marathon)
1:37:29 (7:26 pace)
Sun. April 29 Road Ends 5 mile trail run 39:29.5 (7:54 pace) *1st in age group*
Sun. May 6 Borgess
Run for Health 5K
20:45.8 (6:42 pace) *2nd in age group*
Sun. June 3 Dexter-Ann Arbor Run
(half marathon)
1:36:59 (7:24 pace)
Sun. June 17 Ann Arbor Marathon 3:54:15 (8:56 pace)
Sat. August 25 Crim 10 mile 1:13:58 (7:20 pace)
Sat. September 8 Run Woodstock 50K Ultra 6:17:57 (12:10 pace) *4th in age group*
Sat. September 29 Diehl’s Ciderfest Run (4 miles) 26:35 (6:39 pace) *2nd in age group*
Sat. October 6 Run Scream Run (10K) 42:13 (6:49 pace) *3rd in age group*
Sat. October 27 Headless Horseman 5K 20:15 (6:32 pace) *1st in age group*
Sun. October 28 Wicked Halloween 10K N/A (52:00 minute pacer)
Sat. November 10 Ann Arbor Turkey Trot (5K+10K) 20:10 (6:30 pace) *4th in age group*
Thurs. November 22 U-M Turkey Trot (5K) 21:05 (6:48 pace) *2nd in age group*
Sat. December 1 Holiday Hustle 5K 19:48 (6:23 pace) *2nd in age group*
It’s amazing what can happen if you just go out and run.

3 thoughts on “About My Running

  1. Great blog! Wish I had more time to spend on my own. I too am in the Quality field, I’m a Quality Manager for a mfg. company in Mentor Ohio. Really like your use of Excel charts to track your progress. You should take a look at Runkeeper. For Elite members there are a number of statistics you could track and I’m guessing we are similar in evaluating our progress based off actual data. This is how I go into ultra and know I’ve trained hard enough, even though I may have skipped a number of training runs, which being a single Dad – usually happens.

    1. Thanks for visiting and your nice compliment! Yes, care and feeding of a blog takes time. But Excel keeps things simple, so I’ll probably stick with it. I’m already under-utilizing Garmin Connect and Training Peaks.

      1. I typically upload my data from Garmin Connect to Runkeeper. Excel is really easy to use, but RK keeps all your fitness data together; running, swimming, cycling, walking, hiking, skiing, etc. click on any type of report you want to create and it does it. Also, RK is similar to facebook, but only for fitness activities (you cant just post anything) and you have “street team mates” vs. “friends”. So, if your the competitive type, you could also do comparisons between yourself and your street teammates.

        Just thought I’d throw it out there — what ever works best for you stick with it 🙂

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