Gear Up! What to Wear On the Road

Okay, you don’t really need all this stuff to run well. If you start out wearing cotton, like I did, you’ll really appreciate modern running tech clothing once you switch to it. But the important thing is to get out and get running!

Notes on Gear

Of all the equipment on the highly sought-after male model shown here, the most critical for comfortable and safe running is the shoes. Get a good quality pair designed specifically for running from a running store with people who know how to fit you. It’s worth the small additional expense.

The second most important thing to wear during an outside summer run is sunscreen (not shown, but applied liberally before this photo was taken). Also be sure to carry good sunglasses if you’re running with me, to protect your eyes from the glare of my legs.

As for the rest, pretty much anything that suits the weather will do. In cooler weather, wear several thin layers instead of one thick one. And don’t wear cotton if you can help it – it retains moisture, and when it cools off, you’re cold and wet. Today’s synthetics breathe and wick moisture away, keeping you drier and more comfortable. I’ve found shirts on sale for as low as $10. Synthetic shorts are available at thrift stores everywhere.

The pouch is useful for holding a cell phone, car keys, and emergency cash. It can be clip-on, but a belt is more secure, and you can also attach gel packs and bottles for the longer runs. All this can be concealed under the shirt if you’re concerned about looking too geeky. But don’t sweat it. Anyone who’d scoff at you isn’t a runner, and you’ll outlive them.

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