DM Note: Honor and Honor Points

Every member of the Brotherhood has the opportunity to gain honor through service to the BUS. Your total honor is equal to half your level (rounded down) plus whatever you accumulate through successful missions, heroic deeds, and whatever else the Abbot or high-level Brothers decide is worthy of honor. Honor can be fractional – thus you can have total honor of 1.25. Honor, not level, is the seniority system, and orders given by Brothers with higher honor than you must be obeyed. Pledges begin with zero honor and are fair game for hazing or bossing around until they prove themselves worthy.

 It is possible to lose honor through acts of cowardice, failure to follow the Creed, abuse of authority, theft from the order, etc. Honor loss can be either temporary or permanent, depending on the type of shameful act committed. Temporary honor loss can be restored after sufficient penance. If your permanent honor goes to zero, you are kicked out of the Brotherhood and must petition the Abbot to re-enter as a pledge and prove your worthiness all over again.

The Creed of the Brotherhood of the Unbreakable Shield

  1. Never dishonor the Brotherhood.
  2. Respect all Brothers; obey your superiors.
  3. Civilization is worth more than any individual life.
  4. Imperfect order is superior to disorder.
  5. Do all things with clear purpose.

Honor Points are a way to make use of your honor in situations other than combat. You have a number of Honor Points (HNP) available each day equal to the whole number of your total honor. Once per round as a free action, you can decide to add up to the number of HNP you have remaining to a non-attack d20 roll you just made – an initiative roll, saving throw, skill check, or ability check. HNP are restored to full after an extended rest. Your total honor does not decrease from using HNP.

HNP are stored in your shield symbol, which must be on your person in order for you to make use of them or have them restored. You can also transfer HNP (give to or receive from an ally) by touching symbols as a minor action during your turn. Both parties must be adjacent to each other, conscious, and willing to do the transfer. Asking permission is a free action.

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