Babes in Thailand, and a Keeper Quiche

Oh niece, where art thou? Here, actually.

SORRY, COULDN’T RESIST. My niece Heather, currently studying abroad in Thailand, has just posted Part 1 of her adventure at a Buddhist meditation weekend. Her stories are full of detail and drama; I think we have a budding travel writer or romance novelist here. Check it out at her blogsite, Heather and the World. Being fit includes mental and spiritual fitness in addition to the physical, after all.

On the home front, I’ve been doing a lot more cooking, mainly vegetarian. My wife and I caught the inspiration from Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live” books, thanks to a PBS beg session. Dr. Fuhrman’s findings, together with Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, provide ample reasons to eat fresh and local, primarily plants. Whole Foods and Plum Market  have become my new favorite haunts for groceries and ready-to-eat meals.

I served this with a salad of Romaine, apples, watermelon, and walnuts.

Friday night I needed a recipe to use up some leeks and cremini mushrooms, so I went Googling and found a quiche that uses a potato crust instead of the standard fat-filled and nutritionally useless pie crust. I added sauteed onions to the filling and used part-skim mozzarella as the cheese. The result tastes as good as it looks, and I’ve been requested ordered to make it more. A lot more.

So it looks like I’m on my way to the “50 new recipes” February personal goal. As I’m out of the country for a while next month, I’ll take credit for new recipes created this month as well. I don’t really think that’s cheating. And besides, it’s my PQ anyway.

2 thoughts on “Babes in Thailand, and a Keeper Quiche

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  2. rhgramma

    Sounds good as long as someone else does the work. So the next time you make the quiche, call me and I’ll pick it up at your “to go” window — or — do you deliver?

    And I second Jeff’s recommendation to visit Heather’s blogsite. She has wonderful stories to tell … and tells them well.

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