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Putting the P.I.E. Together

IT’S BEEN A QUIET FEW DAYS at the Fitness at 50 household, primarily because I’m spending a lot of time writing. It’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and my goal this month is a novel, from scratch, of at least 50,000 words. I’m trying for an average of 2,000 words per day, which is tough given a full-time day job, and Aikido and running in the evenings, but so far I’m close.

So what is my novel about? At this point I will say only that it is science fiction and it’s in very rough form. I spent a few days in October putting together character sketches and a plot summary, but the story itself is just sort of coming out as I write and think about the next day’s direction.

I won’t be sharing much of it for a while; the idea is to use November just to write, and not do any editing until December. That means what I’m writing now – the first draft – is very rough and full of unfinished ideas and conversations. Even the main plot has shifted a couple of times already, but that’s okay. It’s all part of the adventure.

I did find time this weekend to make a pie, at the request of my daughter, and who can turn down that kind of request? Here’s a photo of the finished pie. Can you guess what kind it is?

Give up? If you guessed it’s a custard type of pie, you are essentially correct. But I’ll bet you don’t know its featured ingredient. Here’s a photo of a slice, although I doubt it’ll be much of a hint.

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, especially because I have no idea if anyone’s bothered to get this far in the post anyway. (Reading about writing is rather like watching golf. No, scratch that, it’s even more boring.) Anyway, along with sugar, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, and a touch of maple syrup, the featured ingredient is…well, here’s the recipe:

Apple cider vinegar? That’s right! I never would’ve thought you could make a pie featuring vinegar. And yet, the result is not sour at all – it’s sweet and tangy. Now you can definitely taste the vinegar, and it stays with you a bit, so I think I’ll play with it some more before I officially add it to The Recipes I Am Famous For. My daughter is a big fan of it, however.

P.S. The title of this post comes from an article I read online that talks about proper paragraph structure. You can read it here.

New Novel and Nouveaux Chocolats

WELL, RATS. Today’s weather was sunny and warm, with some fall color still out there to be seen, and I was stuck at home with some kind of bug. I could have gone for my Wednesday run with PR Fitness, but decided not to push it, with Aikido and the downtown Public Art Awareness Run tomorrow. The weekend is busy, too – Saturday night is the Headless Horseman 5K race in Howell, and Sunday morning I’m a pacer in the Wicked 10K Run in Plymouth.

On the good news front, my new truffle flavor – Chai with vanilla – has gotten a big thumbs-up from all who have tried it. Another big hit involves my wife’s caramels, which I dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with Himalayan pink salt. Both can be seen below, along with my more traditional (and personal favorite) almond amaretto, and a cinnamon-ginger experiment (on the far right with the red pattern).

Finally, if you’ve been checking the right sidebar, you’ll see my October goal has been TBD all month. Couldn’t come up with one this time, so I’ll just have to let it go. But I did get a head start on my December activity – compiling a list of 50 memorable things I did this year. You know, it’s a lot easier to create a list of 50 memorable things to do than to list 50 things you actually did. Want proof? Just Google “50 things to do”.

Next month’s goal is crystal clear, however. November is National Novel Writing Month, and the annual challenge is to write an entire novel in one month. So my goal is 50,000 words from November 1-30. I have a concept in mind, and need to get going on an outline. Guess that means I should end this post and get busy.