5Ks and Chicken Suits

RAN THE BORGESS 5K WITH MY DAUGHTER this morning. Kalamazoo, MI was bright and sunny, with temperatures in the 50s. A bit chilly standing around, but perfect for the run itself.

We followed race management’s request to be on campus before 7:00 a.m. This is asking a lot of a college student on a Sunday, but Rachel was up and ready at 6:00. Our 5K started at 7:50, after 3,300 full and half marathoners crowded their way through the starting gate at 7:30.

We averaged about 11 minutes per mile. As Rachel told people later, “Dad barely broke a sweat,” which was pretty much true. Just a few years ago, running 3 miles at any speed was a real challenge for me. Now, jogging along breathing normally while others around us were huffing and puffing, I realized how much progress I’ve made.

With no time goal, I could stop and take some photos. Thought I had a great one of a woman in a chicken costume directing runners at about the halfway mark. Unfortunately, I misaimed and didn’t notice, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Rachel hadn’t run a 5K in quite a while, so it was a real effort for her, but she persevered and finished like a trooper. I thought maybe the experience would make her rethink her choice to join me in the run, but quite the opposite happened. Not only did she finish in good spirits, she told me she wants to do the half marathon next year. I’m already looking forward to it!

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