A Proper English Recovery

A FLAT ROUTE AND A BIKE THAT WORKED was all I needed. Recovery day was a 4-mile easy run or a 20-mile easy ride. I was in the mood to bike, but not in the mood for hills, so I drove into Glen Arbor and rode out M22 for a while and back. As a bonus, I discovered their bicycle repair shop.

I’d found out on Friday’s ride that I could not shift onto the smallest chainring, and I’d had to manually adjust the chain to get up the final hill. But today as I rode out of town, I saw a “Bike Repair” sign on my left. After the guy there cleaned quite a bit of dirt out of the gear assembly, I was back to full operation. Since I’d just had the bike serviced, I can only assume some mud got tossed up in there during the rainy trip up from home. Something to look out for in the future.

Ride completed, I visited Leelanau Coffee Roasting Co. to replenish my scone supply, then headed over to Great Lakes Tea & Spice Company, where there’s usually something intriguing to sample (*). Sure enough, their new tea with roasted almonds and coffee beans is really good stuff. So I got some for my daughters (I was only thinking of them, honest).

I wound up talking bikes and riding with the people there for a while. One wants to get into mountain biking, and the owner used to do a lot of biking but is understandably busy with small kids and a growing business to run. I understand that completely – it wasn’t until my kids were leaving for college that enough time freed up for me to begin serious training.

(*) I am not an Englishman, but perhaps I should be.

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