Back to School

RAN INTO (WELL, WITH) MY FORMER RUNNING 101 INSTRUCTOR this morning, who was back from California for a visit. Turned out she was done with the West Coast and on her way to North Carolina for a new job selling gear for Columbia Sportswear. True to form, she was zipping along at the head of the group. I caught up and told her I’d signed up for Chicago, and about my plans for 2012. “You’re rocking it!” she said. “Drop those shoulders.”

The Running 101 class I took in January 2010 is in large part responsible for the serious runner I’ve become. I’d been running for a while then, but I’d wanted to improve my form and get motivated to run regularly during the winter. It worked so well that although I’d never run more than 5 1/2 miles nonstop, I’d committed to doing a half marathon, accomplished that June at the Dexter-Ann Arbor run. Which led to the idea that maybe a full marathon was actually possible for me, which led to a 50K ultra in 2012…

My shoulders now properly relaxed, I kept up with her for a while, but her pace was well above what I should have been doing so soon after a long race. So after four miles I dropped to the back of the pack, and called it a day after six. Perhaps a “recovery week” without any days off wasn’t such a bright idea.

P.S. Running Fit offers Running 101 on a regular basis, as well as more advanced running classes. Check them out!

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