Red Hot Grandma

MY MOTHER HAS A NEW TOY, and today I got my first ride in it. How many guys can say their mom drove them to church in a red convertible with the top down? The congregation was duly impressed.

Mom's New Toy

Stylin’ it on a Sunday morning.

Dad, rest his soul, is likely rolling his eyes up there in the clouds, but Mom is having a blast. She has already dubbed herself “Red Hot Grandma” and is trying to think up an appropriate vanity plate. (Apparently several variations of this theme are already taken. I had no idea.)

I capped off this beautiful Father’s Day with a short bike ride around the neighborhood and a stop at one of the many nearby coffee shops. We Ann Arborites are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to $4.00 java. I think I could bike across the entire downtown, including campus, without losing sight of a Starbucks, Biggby, or one of our local cafes. I’ll have to put that theory to the test one day soon. Maybe I’ll call it, “Tour de Cappuccino.”

2 thoughts on “Red Hot Grandma

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  2. Red Hot Gramma

    So you say you didn’t run home from the hospital the day after your birth. That’s true, but you were doing push ups which astonished the doctor and nurses.

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