TONIGHT I PASSED 100 MILES ON THE TRICROSS, with an evening ride to Chelsea and back of about 24 miles. My first ride to Chelsea three years ago was a big deal for me, as it was the longest distance I had ever done. Now it’s a quick ride that I can sneak in before dark. The ride felt good, although my neck is still feeling some strain from the new, lower riding position. I suppose I will get adjusted to it in time.

The new bike is performing well, and I’m very happy with it. But I have found that I still prefer my hybrid bike for certain things. Saturday afternoon I had a few things to do around town, and I chose to ride the hybrid. The higher riding position felt both odd, and a nice change. And with no clips, no worries about balance issues in public places. But for the long rides, or those involving lots of hills, the TriCross is the appropriate choice now.

Only two weeks before my 150 mile ride up to Clare as the “dress rehearsal” for the Glen Arbor trip in 2012. The route Google mapped out for me uses some existing bike trails, but also has something like 60 street changes. I’ll have to see if I can’t simplify the route a little, so I don’t spend half my time on the road consulting a map.

For those cold July nights in the suburban wilderness.

I also need to settle on a pannier or two for the trip, for clothes, equipment, and the all-important emergency stash of premium dark chocolate. After much meticulous research online, I went to the LBS and picked up a couple, but found they didn’t have some features I wanted and returned them. What I really want is twice as expensive (naturally), but even so they are well below what I could spend if I felt the need. Would you believe a stupid bike bag can cost over $200.00? I suppose if you’re the kind of road warrior who shells out $3,000 and up for the bike, a couple hundred for a glorified plastic sack isn’t a big deal. I’m not there just yet. I have to be able to afford my $4.50 lattes along the way, you know.

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