Eat, Run, and Be Merry

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY READERS, and for those who don’t celebrate this holiday, I hope you had a pleasant day. It was unusually warm and sunny for December in Michigan, and my 3-mile Christmas morning run went by fast. Just 16 miles left to 1,000 for the year!

This photo shows off my two new running-related ornaments. The left one is from the Dec. 3 Holiday Hustle 5k – my first-ever age group award. The other one reads, “26.2 – Runner Dude”, a present from my wife for completing my first marathon in October. Well, it did say that prior to the little accident on its way to the tree. Much as I’d like to, I can’t blame our new kitten; the ornament slipped out of my hand as I attempted to put a hook on it and struck the one hard surface in the area. Nuts. But I also got a certificate to Running Fit, so at least I know one thing I”ll be using it on.

I only climb the tree and swat ornaments when no one's looking.

I hope you all had the chance today to be with family and enjoy a delicious and extremely fattening meal. Now that it’s too late, here’s a great article from Runner’s World on how you should be eating over the holidays. And to balance that out, see the photo below.

A selection of the truffles I made for Xmas this year. Of course, they are all "calorie-free" - since I don't sell them, all the calories are free.

Cheers, and God bless us every one!


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