Moving On

WELL, THAT WAS QUICK. I had about 24 hours to enjoy my final stats for 2011. Those green 100% bars looked so good! But now it’s 2012, and last year is, well, so last year. Time to begin anew and look ahead to this year’s events.

As you can see, I’ve restarted my running and cycling distance progress bars, and added in the 3 miles I ran today. Got that first step and first mile out of the way, before the snow and the chill moved in this afternoon. I’ve also set up my 2012 scheduled races, many of which I’m already registered for, including the first-ever Ann Arbor Marathon on June 17. I’ve tentatively scheduled the 50K ultramarathon for September, after my 500 mile bike ride is complete. My combined running and cycling distance target for the year is 2,500 miles, or 50 x 50. Reachable, I think, God willing and the creek don’t rise.

As for my “Quest 2012” goals, for January I am shamelessly stealing an activity one of my Aikido friends took on for December – 50 pushups per day. Thanks for the inspiration, Julia-san; I hope I can live up to your example!

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