Hey, How About this Weather?

FRIDAY WAS SUNNY AND IN THE 40S, PERFECT FOR A SHORT RUN to fight off the afternoon lethargy. So I tossed on a shirt, shorts(!), and running shoes and hit the new paved footpath along Textile and Lohr Roads for 5 miles. Several others were out running, too. “How about this for January?” one of them called out as we passed.

On Saturday morning many people in the PR Fitness group ran in shorts, and even short sleeves! My two shirts and a jacket proved to be too much, and the jacket came off halfway through. The elevation changes likely contributed; those in our group running the Boston Marathon have already started training for it, and running hills is good preparation. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

I'm not sure whether to be inspired or freaked out by the cover. Fortunately, the inside of the book is tamer.

My January goal of 50 pushups per day is proving tougher than I thought. The first day wasn’t so bad, but doing them every day is another story. I do the full 50 in several groups over 5-10 minutes – right now I need one or two (or three) rest breaks. Supposedly, though, I will be able to work up to 100 consecutive pushups. See the photo for a link to the book that says so.

How is your New Year going? Did you set any resolutions, and have you started in on them? Let me know.

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