Something to Run For (and a Request)

LAST WEEK I WROTE ABOUT NEEDING A “FIRE” – SOMETHING TO RUN FOR. Well, due to last Thursday’s storm, now I do. Please read on.

Bob and Katie Jazwinski are cross-country coaches at Dexter High School. My niece Robin is on the cross-country team, and Katie is her coach. Until recently, Katie was preparing for the 2012 Olympic trials, first in the marathon, then in steeplechase. Those plans had to be put on hold when she discovered she was pregnant. Then last Thursday, their home in Dexter was destroyed by the tornado. Here’s a link to a Channel 7 Action News article and video featuring the family.

What's left of Bob and Katie's house. (Photo from the Everal Race Management email)

They are currently living in a hotel with their two small children while they figure out what to do next. They have found out that insurance will not cover the entire cost of replacing their house and contents.

I found out about this in an email from Everal Race Management that explained their situation and provided a link where people can donate (*). I called Gary at Everal to confirm that Bob and Katie are aware of this effort and willing to accept donations. He assured me that they are, and that the need is there. So here’s what I’m going to do for them, and what I’m requesting of my readers and other friends.

As a result of my disappointing Shamrocks 5K performance, I signed up for the No Frills All Thrills 5 Mile Trail Run in Brighton this Saturday, March 24.  I will now run this race in honor of Bob and Katie, and use that fire to attempt a new personal record (PR) for a 5 mile trail run. My current PR is 38:10, set last year at the Road Ends 5 Mile run, and I will donate $2.00 to them for every second that I finish in under that time. My goal is to improve my PR by at least 50 seconds (get it?) but I’ll be gunning for more.

In addition, I will temporarily commandeer a well-known phrase and ask who will join me in a “Go the Extra Mile” effort. All I’m asking is that you add just one more mile to your routine this week. If you were going to run 20 miles this week, run 21. If you don’t want to run, walk a mile just for this. For everyone who does an “extra mile” and tells me about it, I will add $5.00 to my contribution.

So there you have it. Please don’t feel any obligation – I’m just letting the word out on a local family that could use some help. But if you feel the urge to pledge a few shekels on my performance on Saturday, or are willing to put in a little extra exercise for a good cause, please let me know via email (, a comment on this post, or a reply to my related entry on my Facebook page.


(*) You can donate via PayPal at

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