Pre-Race Rambles

TWO WEEKS INTO MY “MONTH OF AIKIDO” and my body is definitely feeling the effects. Four classes a day seems to be my limit – yesterday I found myself losing focus on the mat, in a beginners class of all things. Sensei moved me to partner with a black belt, which may or may not have been related, but it had a positive outcome, as he corrected an error in my Uke form. I’d been turning away from my partner in a technique where I should have continued looking at him. It’s a minor but important point for performing many related techniques correctly. More thoughts on my first two weeks after Sunday’s instructor clinic.

I took a break today to rest up for the Martian half marathon Saturday morning. Just ran a few errands on the bike to keep everything loose. Thunderstorms are forecast, so here’s hoping they hold off until lunchtime, but I’ve packed rain gear just in case. I’ve run in the rain before, and enjoyed it, so that’s not really an issue except for the potential effect on my time (I’m hoping for another PR). I have no clue what they’ll do in the event of actual thunder and lightning, but I’m sure they’ll do their best to keep everyone safe.

Finally, best wishes to my coach Marie and her fiance Rob, who will be married on Saturday in Boston, then run the Boston Marathon on Monday. It’s a fitting plan; they met in the middle of a marathon. No word yet on whether she’ll give birth during one like the woman in Chicago last year.

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