Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

IF THERE’S ONE THING I LOVE, IT’S AN ENTERTAINING SIGN. One fun part of traveling for me is looking for signs that stand out in some way, whether it’s an intentionally funny message, or an error someone didn’t catch or bother to fix. My May bike trips were a rich source of such signs, and I’ve gathered the photos into a gallery on this blog. Here is a slideshow of what I have so far. More will follow as I pull more such photos off my cell phone and other sources.

To have a longer look at the photos, position the mouse over the photo and a control will appear. Click the center square to stop the auto-forward and the arrows to go back and forth at your own speed. Enjoy!

Note: all the photos here were taken by me, at the location of the sign. I don’t collect signs off websites or photos taken by others.

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2 thoughts on “Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

    1. Thanks! BTW, I just finished a new post on my blog where I reference your article defending the A2 Marathon. Hope that’s okay.

      I will probably line up with the 9:00 pace group. Just hoping for under 4:00 for this one. Will you be running for time, or just for the heck of it, like me?


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