Quickie Chocolate Review: Francois Pralus São Tomé & Principe Forastero Bar

Sao Tome ThumbnailWhere I got it: Zingerman’s Next Door, Ann Arbor MI

Price: $9.99 for 3.5 oz. (100g)

Cocoa percentage: 75%

Website: www.chocolats-pralus.com

The Sao Tome bar is one of a family of single-plantation chocolates from Pralus.

I got this bar as a Christmas present from my daughter Rachel (have I mentioned that she works at Zingerman’s?). It’s about the only way I would get one, since I’m genetically predisposed not to spend $10.00 on a chocolate bar. But after sampling it, I think my DNA has been rewritten.

Jeff’s Rating:……..★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars)
Rachel’s Rating:★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars)

Story: (from the wrapper)

The island cultures of Sao Tome and Principe conspire to produce a chocolate that is both intense and distinct in flavour, quite unlike what is usually found in Africa. This is a result of the trees’ genetic purity.”

Sao Tome Wrapper


The wrapper is a pleasing combination of subtle browns, which to me lends elegance to the package. It does not scream for attention, but lies there waiting to be seen and studied. The other Pralus bars look similar on the outside, so there’s nothing that says “Pick me” about the Sao Tome. But Rachel, who has sampled them all, deems it the pick of the litter.

The chocolate has a nice sheen to it, and the “Pralus” in the right corner provides distinction and breaks up what would be an otherwise ordinary small block pattern.


The bar snaps cleanly and dissolves rapidly and smoothly in the mouth. Very creamy mouthfeel.


With a 75% cocoa content, you’d expect deep chocolate flavor at first, and that is what you get. It is definitely intense, but not at all bitter. After that, a sweetness emerges that becomes fruity in nature and lasts to the finish.

The best part of high quality chocolate is that you don’t need much to be satisfied, and the Sao Tome fits that bill. Just a few squares is enough for me at any one time. I can actually put the bar down without longing glances at the rest of it, knowing it will be there for me later.

The Bottom Line

Jeff: Not only would I pay $10.00 for this bar, I went to Zingerman’s and did just that today. I didn’t even try to play the “my-daughter-works-here-can-I-have-her-discount” card.  (I ran there and back to give myself some justification – I earned it.)

Rachel: This is the best chocolate bar I’ve ever had. ‘Nuff said.


Did you like this review? How can it be made better? Would you like to see more? Let me know.

2 thoughts on “Quickie Chocolate Review: Francois Pralus São Tomé & Principe Forastero Bar

  1. Leora

    I LOVE the response from Mom/Grandma!!!! By the way, it occurred to me that the cost of one square is roughly 1/3 of a dollar.

  2. rhgramma

    Now that’s just not fair!!! I’m reading this before dinner.
    So — I have a request — no — a DEMAND: Jeff and/or Rachel
    I want one little square so I can try this out of this world chocolate.
    If I agree with the judges, then you can pool your pennies and buy me a WHOLE BAR.
    Love from Mom/Grandma ( :

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