Snow? Sno’ What? Just Run

EARLIER THIS WEEK I HAD A FEW FREE MINUTES and visited some other running blogs. On this site, owned by a guy in California, I came across a comment from a runner in Ohio who admitted that it was tough to get motivated to run when it was cold outside. I responded as follows:

“…Dress in layers and use good quality synthetics, and invest in a warm hat or balaclava. Embrace our four season climate! Who’d want to run year-round at 65 degrees?”

The owner of the blog thought that was pretty funny. But I was actually serious.

I’ve spent time in what many people would consider perfect year-round weather, such as the California Bay Area and Costa Rica, and I’ve enjoyed running there. But to run in that weather all the time? No thanks.

Great place to visit. But no snow? No thanks.
Great place to visit. But no snow? No thanks.

True, one day last week I ran on a treadmill, thanks to below-zero wind chill. Thunderstorms also keep me inside. But other than that, outside I go. Wednesday was my regular 6:30 p.m. group run. When I got to the PR Fitness studio at 6:20, the wind was whipping and the sidewalks were flooding with rain. But out we went at 6:30. As it happened, the wind and rain backed off, and it turned into an excellent run. My feet got wet, but it was warm enough out not to be a problem.

This morning my car said it was 15 degrees out, and it was snowing lightly. Yet the studio filled up with the usual number. And within the first three miles we passed people from two other running clubs. Cold? Snow? Just run, baby!

Saturday Run - Winter 2012Some of this attitude is due to the dedication to training. A lot of our group are training for upcoming marathons, and it’s important to get the miles in. Others like the social aspects of group running, and will show up regardless of weather. Or it could be, as my wife said, we’re just addicted to running. Me? Addicted? Nah. I can quit whenever I want.

The forecast for tomorrow’s Super 5K in Novi is for 15 degrees and snow showers. Should be fun.

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