Fundraiser Results, and Looking Ahead



Total funds raised


People who walked/ran/biked at least one “extra mile”


Total extra miles

A great big “THANK YOU” to everyone who pledged based on my finish time, donated cash, and/or went at least one extra mile in support of my effort. Top effort goes to someone at work who ran two miles per day for two weeks – 28 extra miles total. Way to go, Joe!

All this has me wondering if I can extend the “extra miles” idea throughout the year. How many different people can I persuade to get away from the couch/TV/computer and outside for some fresh air and exercise? And lest anyone wonder what a reformed couch potato can do at any age, check out this site – from inactive to Ironman finisher in three years, starting at age 52!

A couple of other brief notes as we move into April:

  • April is an Aikido goal month – 50 classes in 30 days (29, actually, since the first available class will be April 2). We’ll see how I hold up, especially since I’m running a half marathon and another trail race in April as well.
  • Obviously, I didn’t reach my recipe goal in March either – work was just too crazy, and I didn’t want to sacrifice my physical training. Two pieces of good news there, though – I was able to eat healthy (thanks, Whole Foods) and the major work project is done! I’ve changed the recipe goal to an annual one anyway, although I may up the target number.

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