Triple Action

SO WHAT WAS ON THE WORKOUT AGENDA TODAY?  Wednesday means an evening run with PR Fitness. Aikido? Gotta get those 50 classes in this month. But it was a beautiful sunny day outside – perfect for a bike ride. So what would it be – running, biking, or Aikido? If you know me at all, you know I’m a fan of the “inclusive or” so my answer was, naturally, “Yes!”

Flying superhero cartoon
Before Tuesday night's classes...

The noon class at the dojo was labeled “Stretching” on the schedule, which seemed perfect after six Aikido classes in two days. Tuesday night was particularly interesting (*) with some calisthenics that will no doubt make me stronger at some indeterminate future date; for now, they just made me sore all over.

After class...

Come to find out that because the April test date is near,  the class was dedicated to helping junior students practice. Thankfully the student I was paired with didn’t have many breakfalls in his techniques. According to the schedule, Thursday’s classes are normally a bit less intense. I’ll keep you posted if I survive.

I wouldn’t have believed a couple of years ago that I would write the next few words, but…I was really looking forward to tonight’s 6-mile run as a break from higher intensity workouts. So what if it included mile intervals at or near a 6:30 pace? I pleaded soreness to my coach and said I might not be able to get it done tonight. She replied that I always say that before speedwork (alas, ’tis true), and I think we both knew I was going to hit it hard regardless. Which I did, surprising myself with two miles at 6:46, and 7:02 on the third. It was a good test of how well I can run when sore and tired, which is key to finishing strong in a race. With the Martian half marathon coming up, it’s nice to know that I can run well even when I’m not at my best.

I got in the bike ride by using the Trek to get me from home to my run and back home afterward. At around 10 miles round trip, the trip downtown was a good warmup, and the return ride kept my legs loose following the hard run. And I wasn’t alone in this strategy; at least two others in our group rode their bikes to PR Fitness tonight. The picture shows me with Bob, who rides his bike to every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning run, even in the rain and snow. You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Bob!


(*) If you hang around Aikido students long enough, you’ll find that they are fond of euphemisms.

3 thoughts on “Triple Action

  1. That’s pretty impressive. How did your body hold up?

    A few years ago my Rec & Ed club instructor showed us a video from the early days of Kushida Sensei’s teaching in the U.S. A line of students stood and waved as he drove away after class to another dojo…then they all raced to their cars to make it to that next class!

  2. When I was young and without responsibilities, I went through a period where I caught ALL the classes Kushida Sensei taught at the old Detroit dojo (3 a day on MWF), plus the classes at the Wyandotte dojo (2 classes on T and TH) = 13 classes a week.

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