Seating Arrangements

MY BUTT FEELS BETTER ALREADY.  My first “tour ride” of May, visiting Britton, Dundee, and Milan on Wednesday afternoon, was about 50 miles round trip from my office in Saline. The good news: the weather was perfect, and I found some excellent pizza in downtown Dundee. The bad news: after about 30 miles I felt every bump in the road, and the road from Milan back to Saline is full of bumps. In addition to a stiff neck and chafed thighs, I had pain where no man ever wants to have pain. With tour ride #2 starting Friday and running through Sunday for over 200 miles, something clearly needed changing.

Fortunately Rafael at Two Wheel Tango was available to figure out my problem. After taking some measurements and evaluating my riding position, he found two issues – my saddle was too high, and my handlebars were too low. As a result my weight was too far forward, putting pressure on the soft tissue and groin nerves instead of the “sit bones” which are supposed to provide support during a distance ride. A few adjustments later, I was riding much more comfortably. He also told me to relax my shoulders (there they are again, too high!), which will help alleviate the neck stiffness.

I was going to post some photos from my first tour, but ran out of time. Got to get to bed, as I’m heading out early in the morning. First stop is Chelsea, on the way to Leslie, Eaton Rapids, Charlotte, Grand Ledge, and other towns in the Lansing area, before heading back east to Howell, Brighton, and final stops in Pinckney, Hell (naturally), and Dexter. Stories and pictures when I return on Sunday.

Okay, I snuck in one photo. (Milan Bakery)

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