May “50 Towns” Bike Tour #2 Complete

My first long weekend tour of the month is complete, and quite a weekend it was. Details and more pictures and conversation to follow, but here are some quick summary stats.

  • Friday: 106 miles, 7 towns (Chelsea, Stockbridge, Leslie, Eaton Rapids, Charlotte, Potterville (Mmm…gizzards!), Grand Ledge
  • Saturday: 72 miles, 7 towns (Dimondale, Mason, Dansville, Williamston, Webberville, Fowlerville, Howell)
  • Sunday: 44 miles, 4 towns (Brighton, Pinckney, Hell, Dexter)
Had to cut Perry due to rain delay. Next time!

Total so far: 2 trips, 255 miles, 21 towns. Next trip: Tuesday, May 15.

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