Bike Weekend: More Small-Town Adventures

BIKE TRIP #3 is complete! Three days, 280 miles, 26 towns visited, and many good stories to tell. Click any of the maps below to expand the view and see which towns I visited on which day.

Friday, May 18
Saturday, May 19
Sunday, May 20






Here are a few tidbits while I’m writing up the details:

  • Friday: Where is this couple from, and what are they doing in a small town in Michigan?
  • Saturday: What does this woman do when she’s not supporting the Union Army? (You’ll never guess. Trust me.)
  • Sunday: Why is this firefighter wearing pink?

Is that enough to pique your interest? Hope you’ll stay tuned to see and hear more!

6 thoughts on “Bike Weekend: More Small-Town Adventures

  1. Love the Union Army lady and the pink firefighter. Good small town stuff!
    Also love how encouraging you are to those of us in our 50’s who are working hard to get into and stay in shape. I did my first triathlon last year at the age of 57!

    1. Thanks! I’ve had a lot of fun this year talking to people about being fit at any age, and I’ve heard some great stories. And I can add yours to that list Congratulations on your first triathlon! If you would like, send me an email with more information and I can post your story in my guest area.


    1. rhgramma

      O.K. when are you going to fill us in on the strange stories behind the “couple from WHERE?” and the fat lady who is not a tightrope walker. Perhaps she teaches ballet?

  2. rhgramma

    The couple came from Greece to see what Athens, Michigan is all about. Whoops the pic ID says they are in Union City. Well, they are on their way to Athens. The firefighter is supporting breast cancer. The fat lady is a tightrope walker when she’s not supporting the Union Army.

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