Did He Go Through With It? More Trip 2 Highlights

“DON’T MIND ME,” I said to the young lady who opened the door, “I’m just working up the nerve to go inside.” What am I talking about? See below, if you dare.

Well, it’s off on the next bike trip starting bright and early Friday morning. If all goes well I will visit 26 more towns, and will reach the final goal of 50 over the Memorial Day weekend. I’m setting up base camp in Coldwater, from which I will make a westward loop Friday, and an eastern loop Saturday. Sunday I will start closer to home and do a loop of towns in the Adrian area.

Here’s some vignettes from from last weekend’s trip through the Lansing area. I will highlight just a couple of towns here, more to follow.

Eaton Rapids

Eaton Rapids prides itself on being “the only Eaton Rapids”, based on someone long ago who mailed a letter from England addressed only to someone in “Eaton Rapids” – and it was correctly delivered. Whether or not they are still the only town with that name, this one is charming and it has a good coffee shop with equally charming baristas. They even have chocolate chip scones, which have mysteriously disappeared from every other coffee place in Michigan. Maybe I’ll place an order from home and address it simply, “Scone place, Eaton Rapids” and see if it gets there.

A very pretty waterfront near the coffee shop.
One stop shopping: buy a new PC, then blow it away when you’re sick of the BSOD.


I have got to take photo lessons. (Not how to take them, how to look normal in them.)

Skidmore’s Village Cycle Shop  is not just the only bike shop in Charlotte; it’s actually the only bike shop for miles around. I got to talking with Wendy, and happened to say I was more of a runner than a cyclist (though not this month). Turns out she is a runner too, and like me, her favorite race is the half marathon. Had lunch at Evelyn Bay Coffee (good wraps) and happened across this sign while headed out of town.

This is hitting below the belt.


“I’m just working up the nerve to go inside,” I said, slowly peeling off my biking gloves. I’d been standing outside for at least five minutes, fidgeting, taking photos, and wondering if I could somehow wiggle out of this. “Oh, come in,” she said, holding the door for me. With that, I took a deep breath and entered Joe’s Gizzard City.

Yes, the moment you’ve been waiting for – did he, or didn’t he? Did our intrepid fitness nut actually order and consume deep fried chicken gizzards? I’m afraid so, and I even lived to tell the tale.

This is a “quarter order” of gizzards, and it comes with fries, too, if you want.
Deep-fried cheesecake.

Let me tell you a little about this place. Everything is beer battered and deep fried here – various chicken parts, cheeseburgers, and even the desserts (yes, they deep-fry cheesecake, too). And what do fried chicken gizzards taste like? Kinda like chicken, except with a gooey texture; imagine, if you can, chicken-flavored deep fried cheese nuggets. When I smothered them in the spicy tomato sauce they come with, they tasted like deep fried cheese nuggets smothered in tomato sauce. Not exactly an Anthony Bourdain let’s-eat-a-live-cobra-heart experience I was expecting.

As I was wondering what to do with the rest of my order, a couple sat down at the bar. “So what is this place known for?” I heard the guy ask. “Deep fried chicken gizzards,” I told him, handing him my basket, “and you are welcome to this.” They sampled it, and pronounced it good. Chacun a son gout, as they say.

That’s all for now. Time to get some rest before hitting the road again.

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