Woodstock Weekend Complete!

RUN WOODSTOCK 2012 IS DONE, and I have successfully completed the Weekend Challenge!

What does that mean? Basically, it means I completed the four events that made up the Weekend Challenge, including a 50K ultramarathon on Saturday. But Run Woodstock was about a lot more that just that – let’s just say it was aptly named (except for the total trashing of a farmer’s field – runners are far more conscientious).

More details, stories, and pictures to follow shortly. Here are some teasers for you:

What happened to both this gentleman and myself Saturday night? (No, the men in white coats came later.)

What makes the man on the right such a freaking superstud?

What has the lady on the left done in all 50 states that includes a Death March?

What do this couple and I, who never met before Sunday, now have in common? (Hint: it’s all natural.)

Stay tuned for answers to these conundrums, and so much more?

3 thoughts on “Woodstock Weekend Complete!

    1. Thanks! I’m surprised how well it went. I felt better after this than either of my marathons. Maybe I should do more trail running. For a couple of even more amazing accomplishments (not mine), stay tuned.

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