Run Woodstock Wrap-up, With Slideshow

AFTER WHAT HAPPENED ON SATURDAY, Sunday was bound to be a bit of an anti-climax. The takedown was underway well before the final fun run Sunday morning. After two days of constant activity and loud music, the atmosphere seemed somber, even sad; the campground was quiet and the gathered runners subdued. But when Randy yelled, “We’re going for a run – Go!” and I coaxed my stiff legs into motion, my spirits revived and I ran the 5 miles feeling strong and recharged.

I collected my final button at the finish and picked up an “ultra” bumper sticker at the gear tent. Then it was time to head home.  But there was one more surprise to come – despite the early confusion in the 50K, I’d come in fourth in my age group! Quite the memorable weekend. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back next year.

Here are some photos that didn’t fit into my other posts but that I’d still like to share. No particular order. Enjoy!

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