Talking (Iron) Turkey

Don’t be scared, Bobbie, come and say hello to next week’s dinner.

ELEVEN SECONDS. That’s all that now separates me from my goal of running a 5K in under 20 minutes. With my new personal record (PR) time of 20:10.9 in the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5K last Saturday, I got ever closer to the magic number. I’d say I feel like Roger Bannister trying to break the four-minute mile, but no way I’m going to lay claim to anywhere near his effort and dedication.

Speaking of Sir Roger Bannister, I highly recommend The Perfect Mile by Neal Bascomb, a terrific account of three great runners trying to become the best in the world, and how a one-mile race featuring all three was very nearly organized. Bascomb details the training and study Bannister put into his goal; his was as much a scientific endeavor as a physical one. And I’m not sure how many people know that Australian John Landy was also trying to break the four-minute barrier at the same time, and ran a 3:58 mile just weeks after Bannister ran his historic 3:59.4.

My Saturday 5K translates into a 6:30 pace per mile, so I’ve got a ways to go yet to catch Roger. But hey, one goal at a time.

He runs really well for an old dead guy.

Two newly minted Iron Turkeys!

Last month I followed up a then-PR 20:14 5K with a 10K race the next day. So how do you top that? By running a 10K half an hour after the 5K, of course, to claim the coveted “Iron Turkey” award. Signing up for and running both races on Saturday morning gets you a special T-shirt and medal. The overall Iron Turkey winner, Alex Russeau, ran a superhuman combined 47:20. Look out, Roger!

So I figure I have two or three more cracks at the 20:00 mark before my birthday. The Thanksgiving morning turkey trot on North Campus is a likely candidate, and perhaps something this weekend. Finally there’s the Holiday Hustle in Dexter on  Dec. 1, my personal favorite because the 2008 HH was my first-ever race. Look what one little 5K can to do you…

2 responses to “Talking (Iron) Turkey

  1. They hurt more when actually running them too, at least for me. Not the body so much as the breathing.
    I was wondering about the 2013 marathon, too. We were talking about it in running group not too long ago. If they do hold one, I hope it’s a bit earlier – May, perhaps – and doesn’t include the Briarwood Mall segment. No spectators and hot blacktop. Yecch.

  2. Great race. Those fast shorter distances hurt to read for me more than reading about ultra races.
    Any word if there’s to be an Ann Arbor marathon in 2013? Nothing on the books yet.

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