Feeling the Heat, and B.C. Meets A.D.

Dad did what?
Dad paid for water? Has someone called 911?

ONE NICE THING ABOUT THIS HOT WEATHER is that it’s made me slow down. Last Tuesday I went out for a tempo run – 7 miles total, with 4 miles around a 7:20 pace. Normally no big deal, it sucked me dry this time. How bad was it? I stopped at Meijer near the end of the run – and paid for a bottle of water. So when Coach Marie assigned me 13 miles on Saturday morning, with the admonition, “Slow it down a bit,” I was only too happy to comply. (A 9:05 average pace. She was so proud of me.)

My training this week also included Aikido on Monday, gym workout on Thursday (not air-conditioned), bike rides Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon (around 90 miles total) and Sunday’s 5-mile recovery run. Sweaty? Yup. Buckets of it. But after that long winter, I’m hardly going to complain. Besides, it’s a good excuse to drink lots of iced coffee and Arnold Palmers.

What I have found uncomfortable in this weather isn’t the motion, it’s the standing around. I wound through the Art Fair twice on Saturday, during the PR Fitness morning run and returning from a bike ride to Dundee in the afternoon. The crowd shambling along the lines of booths could have been auditioning for Late Afternoon of the Living Dead. I felt so sorry for them. But then I saw something pretty unbelievable tooling down the sidewalk.

Solowheel - Art Fair 2013
Yep, a self-propelled wheel. Click here to see a video.

If you’re at all familiar with the comic strip “B.C.” you know about their transportation device. I’d always thought that would be a great way to get around – something small and portable that could cover a lot of ground. And now, here it is. The couple here raved about them. They told me it weighs about 23 pounds, charges in about two hours, and has a range of about 10 miles. The only downside? They’re a tad pricey (click here to see the Amazon.com price).

So along with the Dick Tracy two-way wrist radio, another comic strip fantasy device comes to reality. How long before we see the Hoverboard?

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