Muscle Power

I hope all my fellow fathers had a great Father’s Day yesterday! I got to spend part of my Sunday with DD #2, who kept an eye on me while I took a pre-triathlon practice swim in Kent Lake. This Wednesday is the big day!

Open water swimming is different from the pool, all right. When my goggles fogged up I couldn’t see the buoys and wound up zigzagging all over the place. Fortunately I didn’t head butt one, or take out any kids.

Hey, this lake has no lines painted on the bottom!
Hey, this lake has no lines painted on the bottom!

Afterward, we celebrated with Bigalora pizza for dinner. If there’s a Bigalora in your area, find the time to try it. Their pizza is made in the Napoletana style, with a fermented dough (the “biga” part), wood-fired with a thin crispy crust. It’s not cracker-crunchy like I had in Italy, but it’s close. And there’s less sauce and cheese than the standard American pizza, but I think there’s more flavor in them, and the toppings are large enough that you can actually taste them.

Bigalora Pizza - Fathers Day

Saturday was Flag Day, an appropriate day for the Liberty Run, part of the Liberty Festival in Canton. This event became particularly famous in 2012, when a record was set for the most runners dressed as the Statue of Liberty. It’s amazing what can get into the Guinness Book, isn’t it. No such grand statement this year, but still a great turnout, and plenty of colorful costumes.

Liberty Run costumes 1-2

Liberty Run costume - 3

Posing with medal, mug for completing the "Uncle Sam Slam" (5K + 10K), and age group award glass. Ah, sweet swag - isn't that the American Dream?
Posing with medal, mug for completing the “Uncle Sam Slam” (5K + 10K), and age group award glass. Ah, sweet swag – isn’t that the American Dream?

There were two races offered that morning – a 5K and a 10K. You can guess what I chose. (Yep. Both.)

I ran a good strong time in the 5K, and then jogged the 10K, where I got a reminder that “run easy” does not mean “run stupid”. Early in the 10K I stopped to snap a photo, causing the runner behind me to run into me. All I can say is that I wasn’t thinking. From then on I made sure to pull over to the side to take a picture.

Also part of the Liberty Festival was a “muscle car” exhibit, consisting of hot rods dating from the 1930s to the 1960s. All of them were in amazing condition, showing the care and attention their owners have spent on them.

82 years old and still smokin' hot.
82 years old and still smokin’ hot.
Needs no introduction.
Needs no introduction.

At the time I wasn’t looking for an analogy, but I tripped over it anyway. Maybe we don’t have the time, money, or desire to restore and maintain a vintage muscle car, but we all ought to take a strong interest in keeping ourselves running smoothly for a long time. The formula for doing so is simple and straightforward; eat right and exercise regularly. And yet those who track such things say that over one-third of Americans are seriously overweight, which is known to lead to health problems. Why is proper care of oneself so hard for many people to do?

I’m not suggesting that people get off the couch and run an Ironman, like fellow blogger Mario Sanchez did at age 55, or become a two-a-day racing fool like me. But I am suggesting that people at least get off the couch.

I realize with many of my readers I’m preaching to the choir, but if not – what’s holding you back? Find something enjoyable that engages your muscles. Run, bike, climb rocks, swim, play a sport. Or just walk. Your body will thank you for it. And you can enjoy that Bigalora pizza without feeling guilty.

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