Warming up for Cold Weather

TEMPERATURES MAY FINALLY BE FALLING, BUT IT’S PLENTY HOT in the Fitness at 50 world. There are several events yet before the year’s over, and they’re coming up fast. For instance:

Running – The weekly miles continue; this is something I do year round, and almost never inside. I’d rather be out in the cold and dark and the snow, than on a treadmill. Most times.

Believe it or not, I really enjoyed this winter race. (Super 5K 2011)

My final race of the year, the Holiday Hustle 5K, is this Saturday. I will be there early to help set up, then at 4:30 comes the race. It’s my last chance to finish a 5K under 20:00 before I turn 51 on Monday, so you can bet I will be giving it everything I’ve got.

Aikido – My 1st Kyu test is Tuesday, Dec. 11. If I pass this test, I will become eligible to test for black belt in 2013. So I’m getting in some extra classes this week and next, and my four classes today gave me one heck of a workout. So I’ll be taking it easy tomorrow – or not. At this point, every chance to practice is gold. So we’ll see.

Writing – My 50,000 word goal is in reach!  The novel is coming right along, and I have less than 3,000 words to go, with the deadline of tomorrow (Friday). Looks like the final novel will be much longer than 50,000 words, but that’s okay, As the NaNoWriMo people put it, November is the beginning. Just get the words down. December (and the rest of your life, if need be) is for finishing and editing. Once I bang the thing into more reasonable shape, I will share some excerpts with you all.

That’s all for the moment. Gotta get back to the novel!

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