6 thoughts on “The Clock Says It All

    1. Mariajose, thank you very much for visiting!

      I’m sure you can make your goal. Just keep training, and remember to enjoy each part of the journey. It took me three years once I’d decided on under 20:00 as a goal, but each year was an improvement, and full of good races and training runs with a great group. If you don’t already have a coach, you might consider asking one to put together a training plan for you. Good luck, and please keep me posted! I mean it.

      1. Mariajose

        Yeah, it’ll take me a while. My PR is 39:00, however, due to some injuries and the need to reduce my training because of those injuries had me running my 5Ks at about 43 min. I put together my own training plan based on books and what I’ve found on the internet. However, I did get a personal trainer who is going to have me do speed workouts to improve this year. Thanks!

  1. rhgramma

    So the clock says 19:48. Naval time that’s 12 minutes before 8:00 pm or 7:48 p.m. So let’s see … you started at 4:30 p.m. or 16:30 p.m. so that makes your running time 3 hours and 18 minutes.

    WAY TO GO!!! Congratulations. HO HO HO. Well it WAS the Holiday (formerly known as Christmas) Hustle.

      1. rhgramma

        The Finish line is probably somewhere in Finland.
        Sorry, but I’m on a comedic roll. But it’s not cinnamon.

        O.K. I’m leaving…

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