Still Got It! Ann Arbor Y Hosts Free 50+ Fitness and Wellness Program

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As an active guy over 50, I don’t consider age a barrier to keeping healthy and fit. But making smart choices about food, regular exercise, and care of body and mind becomes especially important to maintain a high quality of life. So when I heard about a new health and fitness program specifically designed for people 50-64, I had to check it out.

Hosted by the Ann Arbor YMCA, the 50 Moving Forward initiative is a set of fitness classes, workshops, walks, talks, and other activities developed through a collaboration between Y-USA and Pfizer. Ann Arbor is one of 25 locations launching the program. Its tagline is, “Of Course I’ve Still Got It!”

Jan Hack, communications director at the Ann Arbor Y, told me that the program will focus on, “healthy eating, prevention, fitness and fun.”

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2 thoughts on “Still Got It! Ann Arbor Y Hosts Free 50+ Fitness and Wellness Program

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    I currently operate, a running blog for adult beginning runners. I recently came across your blog and liked what I saw.
    I see that you also focus on running and have a lot of experience. Next week I’m putting together a blog post about key tips for a beginning runner. Rather, than run through the usual list, about shoes, doctors, and don’t run too fast, I was hoping to get some more unconventional, but truly valuable ideas.

    If you have any tips to share, I would really appreciate it. I’ll be sure they are included in my post, and in return, I’ll be sure to give you and your blog credit for your contribution.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kris Wenzel

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