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Still Got It! Ann Arbor Y Hosts Free 50+ Fitness and Wellness Program

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As an active guy over 50, I don’t consider age a barrier to keeping healthy and fit. But making smart choices about food, regular exercise, and care of body and mind becomes especially important to maintain a high quality of life. So when I heard about a new health and fitness program specifically designed for people 50-64, I had to check it out.

Hosted by the Ann Arbor YMCA, the 50 Moving Forward initiative is a set of fitness classes, workshops, walks, talks, and other activities developed through a collaboration between Y-USA and Pfizer. Ann Arbor is one of 25 locations launching the program. Its tagline is, “Of Course I’ve Still Got It!”

Jan Hack, communications director at the Ann Arbor Y, told me that the program will focus on, “healthy eating, prevention, fitness and fun.”

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New AnnArbor.com Post: Runners take to the streets to support public art and Proposal B

Last Thursday evening I put on running gear, pinned a “B4Art” bib on my shirt, and joined twenty or so other people outside the PR Fitness studio for a six-mile run through downtown, local parks, and campus, stopping every so often to admire a sculpture, monument, or mural. The Public Art Awareness Run was a fun, low-key event to highlight the numerous and diverse pieces of public art in and around our town while also getting in some healthy exercise.

Ann Arbor Public Art Commission (AAPAC) member and fellow PR Fitness runner Bob Miller organized the event, combining his passions for art and running. “I thought that running from one piece to another would bring new eyes to public art in Ann Arbor,” he says, “and give runners an opportunity to run a route they may not have chosen before.” He also hoped to raise awareness and support for Proposal B, which he believes will improve the way public art in Ann Arbor is funded.

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New AnnArbor.com Post: Run for that Pie! Fitness and Fun in the Fall

How can you not appreciate fall in Michigan — the changing colors, football, the crispness in the air? And then there’s the cider and doughnuts, pumpkin pie, and other treats that we all love to indulge in this time of year, not to mention the pillowcases stuffed with the loot our little loved ones get from trick-or-treating.

The indulgence comes at a price, of course — weight gain from all the calories, helping lead to those spikes in gym memberships each January. Fortunately, there is a great way to stay fit and keep the extra pounds off during the season: Walking and running! In addition to just getting out and enjoying the cooler weather, you can take advantage of many races and family fun runs to mix in with the cider mill visits, hayrides, and Thanksgiving meals…

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As a bonus to my blog readers, here are a few more photos from Run, Scream, Run that didn’t make it into the article:

New AnnArbor.com Post – Hospital Safety Ratings

If you’re like me, the only time you ever want to be in a hospital is when you really need one. But when we do, we expect our treatment to make us well, not worse. After all, hospitals are supposed to be especially clean, they are full of medical professionals, and stocked with modern equipment and medicines.

However, even the best hospitals make errors that result in unnecessary harm to patients. And ratings recently published by Consumer Reports show that U.S. hospitals, including those in Ann Arbor, can do a much better job preventing those errors…

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