A Sad Day, but Unbroken Spirit

First, the good news. All the PR Fitness runners who ran the Boston Marathon today are okay. The Facebook page was updated throughout the day as people checked in, and the latest post reported that everyone is accounted for and safe. I’m grateful that my friends are okay and very sad that so many people were hurt by the stupid, desperate act of some sick person or group.

Since we really know so little at this point, I don’t want to speculate about who, what, or why this happened. But I will make one prediction; while the world of racing will undoubtedly change, runners will remain who they are. Every runner I know personally has a positive outlook on life, and collectively I’ve never seen a group of people with such joie de vivre, so willing to take what the road and the weather give them and come back for more. Whether people run as an expression of their spirit, or if running creates that spirit, that part of them cannot be taken away by any external act. Runners are survivors, and that’s why running will survive.

That’s all for tonight. God bless, everyone, and keep on running. (And if you’re not a runner, it’s a good time to start.)


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