Recovery Time, and a Prayer for Boston

IT WAS RECOVERY DAY at PR Fitness tonight. The 6:30 p.m. run went on as scheduled, and included some marathoners back from Boston, and myself, running for the first time since the Martian half marathon on Saturday. We all ran slowly – a few of the more sore chose to walk – and we got rained on a bit, but it felt good to be out there.

Among those who had their share of adventure on Monday were Coach Marie and her husband Rob, celebrating their one-year anniversary (they were married on the Boston Common last year before the race). Their hotel was miles away, public transportation was shut down, Rob had just run the marathon (3:05), and Marie is seven months pregnant. But they were helped by a resident, as so many runners were that day, and they made it safety back to their hotel that evening.

More: article about Rob and Marie’s experience in Boston

Everyone was in good spirits; a bit subdued perhaps, but upbeat and ready to resume life’s routine. For the marathoners, that means at least a couple of weeks of rest and very easy running, if at all. I will be taking it easy this week, but should be back in top form for the Road Ends 5 Mile trail race on April 28. Tune-up trail run is this Sunday. Looking forward to it.

Finally, I heard an amazing poem on NPR today by Scott Poole: “To Run: A Prayer for Boston.” In just a few compact, powerful lines, Scott conveys how runners face the pain of a race, and then transcend and overcome it. Read it. Better yet, click on the audio link there and listen to Scott read it.


P.S. My half marathon at Martian went very well. My results, and a trivial but curious side story from that race, next time.

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