Bluntly Speaking – $2 Bills and Legal Pot

Thomas Jefferson may have grown hemp, but I doubt he’d be happy with the latest association of his name with it.

A "toke-n" of my appreciation?
A “toke-n” of my appreciation?

Regular readers know that I stamp $2 bills to shamelessly plug my blog, and distribute them mainly as tips at coffee shops and such. With the blog name change, a new stamp was needed, and it recently arrived, so my tips now properly advertise The bad news is that according to the Detroit Free Press, apparently someone has stolen my idea of using the $2 bill to shamelessly plug something – in this case, a push for the legalization of marijuana.

MORE: Click here for some amusing, and possibly true, stories about people who thought that $2 bills were phony.

According to the Freep, medical marijuana and marijuana legalization groups are trying to demonstrate their “economic clout” by using at least one $2 bill in every cash purchase they make. Michigan has 130,000 registered medical marijuana users and 13 percent of Michiganders surveyed admitted to using it last year, so there could soon be a serious push to loosen current restrictions.

Given the nature of this blog, you can guess how I feel about recreational use of marijuana. I run, bike, and train in Aikido to improve my body and mind, and smoking (anything) or using mood-altering drugs would do the opposite. If you have a genuine medical condition that marijuana relieves, hey, do what works. Otherwise, I have a suggestion – put down the joint and go exercise the ones you were born with. You’ll feel better and live longer. And yes, the “runner’s high” does exist. It took a while for me to experience it, but it was worth the effort.

Want to feel good about yourself? Finish a marathon. (Finish line, Chicago 2011)
Want to feel good about yourself? Set a goal, train for it, and accomplish it. (Finish line, 2011 Chicago Marathon)

So should you come across a $2 bill stamped with either or, be assured it represents something very different from promoting legal cannabis. It means, rather, that I appreciate the effort you put into making my cappuccino for a ridiculously low wage, and please visit my blog, nudge-nudge wink-wink.

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