Five Surprises From Up North

BACK HOME after a week-plus of vacation at our campground near Empire. Too short as usual, but it provided a number of surprises. Here are the top five.

No! I won't believe it!
No! I won’t believe it!

1. I bought non-running clothes. No, really. And not at a thrift shop. Actual new blue jeans (2 pairs even), purchased at an actual retail store. My daughter was so shocked she took to bed with a headache. (When I told her they were on sale for $7.50 she recovered somewhat.)



Wizard bottle opener 2

2. A blacksmith at the Port Oneida Fair made this wizard bottle opener while we watched. Artistic and functional. What more could you ask for? Naturally, I bought it, even though it cost more than both pairs of jeans.



3. Saturday morning I went to the village of Beulah to run on the Betsie Valley Trail, only to encounter a stream of runners and large crowd of spectators. Turns out that every August they hold a relay marathon, where teams of five take turns running around Crystal Lake. It’s on my list for 2014.

Crystal Lake Team Marathon

Jeri and Jeannie (The Scone Ladies). One of the joys of running is that scones are actually good fuel!

4. My run was supposed to be 15-16 miles, but I stretched it a bit to get to the Frankfort Farmer’s Market and my favorite scone makers. They were out of chocolate chip scones (Nooooooooo!) but I had a very nice pumpkin-pecan one instead, and an excellent date-oatmeal bar. I’ll be back.



5. This morning I snuck in a last bike ride to serve as my “recovery run” from yesterday’s 19.3 mile effort. The ride began with a steep hill, which is tough even on fresh legs, so I was a bit worried. But I cruised up and over in a much higher gear than usual. I was really surprised how strong my legs felt. This training thing might actually be working!

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