And what did *you* have planned this year…

TONIGHT I WAS GOING TO POST SOMETHING PROFOUND AND INSPIRATIONAL about my plans for 2014 and the difference between intention (wanting to start a new, healthy activity) and dedication – making the activity into a habit that you continue when the novelty has worn off, and even when you don’t really feel like it.

Let me tell you about dedication...
Let me tell you about dedication…

It was mostly done and very well written indeed, and I was pondering which appropriately sweaty photo of me I would use to highlight it. And then, while browsing through the other running blogs I follow, I came across this post on zinnrunning (thanks, dude!).

Tristan Miller TEDx Talk - zinnrunningTristan Miller is an Australian who ran into some tough personal trouble a few years back. First he tried self-medicating (re: getting plastered every night) and when that only made things worse, took up running instead. He set himself a goal for 2010: 52 marathons. Across all seven continents. In 52 weeks.

Did he make it? Watch this video of his TEDx talk. It’s only 20 minutes, and well worth it. I’m going to crawl off to bed now and contemplate my insignificance. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. After my run.

Map of Tristan's 2010 marathons. From his TEDx presentation.
Map of Tristan’s 2010 marathons. From his TEDx presentation.

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