New Post: Runners take to the streets to support public art and Proposal B

Last Thursday evening I put on running gear, pinned a “B4Art” bib on my shirt, and joined twenty or so other people outside the PR Fitness studio for a six-mile run through downtown, local parks, and campus, stopping every so often to admire a sculpture, monument, or mural. The Public Art Awareness Run was a fun, low-key event to highlight the numerous and diverse pieces of public art in and around our town while also getting in some healthy exercise.

Ann Arbor Public Art Commission (AAPAC) member and fellow PR Fitness runner Bob Miller organized the event, combining his passions for art and running. “I thought that running from one piece to another would bring new eyes to public art in Ann Arbor,” he says, “and give runners an opportunity to run a route they may not have chosen before.” He also hoped to raise awareness and support for Proposal B, which he believes will improve the way public art in Ann Arbor is funded.

Read more at the “News–>Health” section, or click here.

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