In-Crim-inated and Elevated

I’M TAKING A SHORT BREAK in my “500 at 50” bike trip recap to bring y’all up to date on a few recent events.

Saturday morning I ran the 10-miler in the Crim Festival of Races, a hugely popular set of running and walking events to promote fitness and fight childhood obesity (you can read more about it at this link). That meant crawling out of bed at 5:00 a.m. to board a bus to Flint with 40 other equally crazy people in my running group. PR Fitness is well represented at many major events, including the Boston, New York, and Chicago Marathons, but the Crim is our biggest event.

The Crim is apparently Flint’s premier event of the year; the mayor called the start of each race. They put on a really good show for a city struggling so hard just to survive. (I hope they find a way to reinvent themselves; it can be done. Ask anyone in Pittsburgh, for example.)

We were signed up for the Team Challenge, where teams of 10 runners combine their times, and the top 5 times on each team count. Alas, while I ran a decent time (just under 74 minutes) my time did not count this year. But everyone had a good time, and one of the Team Challenge perks was a private post-race hangout area with free barbecue and drinks. So I drowned my sorrows in my annual half cup of beer.

My big running event of the year – the 50K trail ultramarathon at Run Woodstock in Pinckney – is just two weeks out, and I met and ran with many other ultra runners during two training runs on the trails. Most of them are running the 50-mile and 100-mile races. I feel like a wimp.

And in the world of Aikido – I passed my test on July 30, so I am now a pre-1st Kyu! My goal now is to test for ( and hopefully pass) full 1st Kyu in December, and from there to train for a pre-shodan (black belt) test in June 2013, possibly with up to two other Rec & Ed Club students. So even with my “year of being 50” ending all too soon, there’s still plenty to look forward to!

As for my August writing goal, I have actually written a bunch more stuff than my progress bar shows, I just haven’t brought my list up to date yet. Still have some work to do to get there, however. (Funny how the non-athletic goals are proving harder to accomplish. Never would have expected that.)

Still to come: the final day of the bike trip, and some overall highlights and reflections on the trip as a whole.

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