Running for Art, Running Like Hell, Setting the Pace

IT WAS QUITE A WEEKEND FOR RUNNING, with three different kinds of events and another personal record (PR) mixed in. I could enthrall you with my sublime and transcendent prose, but I’ll be doing enough of that in November with my novel for NaNoWriMo. So I’ll let the photos do (most of) the talking here.

Thursday – Run for Public Art Awareness – Ann Arbor

“B4Art” is the slogan for supporting Proposal B, a teeny-weeny millage (about $12 per year) to fund public art in the city of Ann Arbor. If you live in Ann Arbor, I hope you’ll vote Yes; if not, consider donating to the Ann Arbor Public Art Commission (AAPAC). Public art doesn’t only spruce up the area; Los Angeles has found it increases property values and boosts revenue. Many more photos of local public art on the AAPAC website and Facebook page.

We all B4Art! (Be sure to pronounce it slowly.)
A “Tree Form” in West Park.
This is public art too, albeit un-commissioned and unfunded.

 Saturday night – Headless Horseman 5K, Howell

The Headless Horseman races capped off a Halloween festival in downtown Howell. The route wound through neighborhoods and a park along the river, lit in part by luminaries and path lights; I managed a few appreciative thoughts in between desperate gasps for air. But the temporary suffering paid off with a new personal record 20:15, winning my age group and placing 19th overall!

The HH himself strikes a pose before the race. He also led the pace, although for some reason he switched to a bicycle.
Yes, she really ran the race in that outfit. She said it was a bit bulky, but not uncomfortable.
Two cool cats at a cool coffee shop (Uptown Coffeehouse in downtown Howell).
Celebrating my new 5K PR: age group award in my right hand, and Michigan’s best cappuccino in my left. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Sunday morning – Wicked Halloween 10K, Plymouth

How did I follow up the Saturday night race? By racing again Sunday morning, of course, this time as an official pacer. I and some other PR Fitness runners had volunteered in various capacities for the Wicked Halloween 10K in Plymouth. I joined two other “pacing rookies” for the 52:00 pace group. We did just fine, hitting our mile marks on schedule and crossing the finish line within five seconds of our assigned time.

Chilly volunteers – PR Fitness runners and friends.
The 52-minute group – three newbie pacers. (I’m dressed up like a runner who knows what he’s doing.)
Monster Mashing prior to the 10K start.
We round the final turn of the 10K – on pace!
The 5K gets ready to start. (My money’s on Captain America.)
A hot homemade crepe at the Coffee Bean warms me up after the race.

So that was my event-filled weekend. The only downside – due to the music they played at both events (Halloween and running-related, naturally) I’ve had “Witchy Woman” running through my head all day. Oh well, the turkey trots begin soon.

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