Runners to Invade Flint This Saturday

Man, what a gorgeous weekend it was – sunny, cool weather that just begs you to go out and be in it. And I was, although I actually had to restrain myself a bit. With my next race (the Crim) just one week away, and my 50-miler at Run Woodstock just two weeks after that, it’s time to taper (cut back the intensity) and rest up.

The Crim is big for the PR Fitness group. Really big. How big? 67 runners and a chartered bus is how big. That’s about three times as many of our runners who go to any other race throughout the year, including the very popular Firecracker 5K, Martian Invasion of Races, and the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run. We like marathons, too, including Detroit, Boston, New York,  and Chicago, and smaller ones like Grand Rapids, Twin Cities, and even Columbus (mandatory Ohio State jab below) but the Crim tops them all.

Brady Hoke
You know why they don’t have ice at Ohio State home football games? They lost the recipe!

Started in 1977 by former Michigan Speaker of the House Bobby Crim, the Crim Festival of Races in Flint each August attracts thousands of runners and raise lots of money for the Crim Fitness Foundation and other charities. Flint basically turns over its downtown for a day of serious running and equally serious partying. It also attracts some world-class runners, with the 10-mile winner often finishing under 47 minutes. And Bobby Crim still runs it, finishing last year in just over 2 hours at age 80.

The race uses a staggered start to avoid a stampede. This is just one wave.
The race uses a staggered start to avoid a stampede. This is just one wave.

I will be running the 10-mile race as part of a team of 10; the top 5 finishing times of the team (based on age group) count toward the team score. I didn’t figure in the 2012 scoring, but based on my speedwork results this month, I have a decent chance this year. One nice additional perk is a party in the team VIP area after the race, with free food and beer. If only I didn’t have to get up at “dark o’clock” to make the 5:30 a.m. bus departure.

Team Stone Steppers gets down after the race. Click here to view them in action.
Team Stone Steppers gets down after the 2012 race. Click here to view them in action.

Stories and pictures to follow next week. For now, here’s one more thought from last year’s race:

T-shirt - Limits
Her shirt reads, “Find Your Limits – Then Exceed Them.”

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