No Gideon Bible This Year

No, I’m not going to explain the title. Consult the almighty G if you don’t get it.

I’ve been telling you about my training for next month’s Rocky Raccoon 100 trail race down in Huntsville, Texas, with my wife and me staying with her brother and his wife for a week or so. It seemed like a great way to celebrate the start of her retirement after 30 years at Chrysler/FCA/Stellantis.

Then, as happens sometimes, life got in the way. In a previous post I mentioned that her mother had a serious medical issue after Christmas, and following recovery her family helped her move into assisted living. She is settling in slowly, though still struggling with complications from her condition, and Joyce is staying with her for the time being. So she informed me she didn’t feel right going to Texas, which I fully understand.

So what about my race? Well, my wife loves me far more than I deserve. “You should still go,” she said. “You’ve trained for it, and you’ve been looking forward to it. I want you to have fun.”

But as I thought about it these last few days, I realized it had begun to feel more like something to get out of the way rather than fully embrace. And in an ultra, a 100-miler especially, you need to be all in and focused, or you’re set up for failure. And why do something like that if you’re not going to enjoy it in the moment?

So this morning I cancelled the trip.

(Actually, I don’t think he’s all that bummed. The race is sold out, so I’ve made someone on the wait list happy.)

And you know? Now that it’s done, I feel relieved rather than upset. Making the decision turned out to cause more angst than actually carrying it out. Funny how that works sometimes. And it’s hardly a major setback to my running. There are plenty of other races out there, and I’ll begin looking for the next one soon. I have a deferral credit for next year’s race, or any other of the events in that series, which I fully intend to use.

And life is plenty full for us right now anyway. We’re still going to the Bigfoot Snowshoe Race this weekend in Traverse City, and snow is coming our way just in time for a practice run or two. Then later in February we’re celebrating my Aunt Micki turning 100 (!) at a party at her home in South Carolina. Plus I’m here taking care of my needy cats and nearby to support my wife and MIL as needed. Both of them are worth it.

(Yes, you too.)


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